The largest publishing project in Manitoba history & was published by Great Plains Publications

Winnipeg doesn’t seem like a place where you’d find many publishing houses, and to be truthful offhand I can only name a few, probably because of my creative writing background. Most people would have trouble coming up with one. The same thing can be said about writers from the Canadian prairies. Perhaps this is why prairie writers tend to turn to local publishing houses, such as Great Plains Publications Ltd.

Great Plains is a long standing, and independent publisher located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. According to their website “[they] are committed to bringing [the public] the very best books from the Prairies˗ a region [they] believe has an abundance of quality writers.” In addition they publish writers from other parts of the country in their imprints Enfield & Wizenty, and Great Plains Teen Fiction.

The company also offers services that help write, edit, design and corporate history books for companies, with past clients including The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company, James Richardson & Sons, Limited and Manitoba Hydro.

Publisher Gregg Shilliday, who started Great Plains Publications in 1992 with his wife, Executive Director Ingeborg Boyens, was kind enough to give me some of the details about its establishment.

As Gregg explained in his email, “[Great Plains Publications was started] to prepare and release a three-volume popular history of Manitoba.”  Over the course of 25 years, the publishing company has expanded far beyond its original project, “We have since branched out to do all kinds of prairie-nonfiction, as well as fiction from across Canada.”

Though they’ve published a number of quality books, Great Plains “[is most] proud to have published The Encyclopedia of Manitoba, [which is] the largest publishing project in the history of the province.”

For more information about Great Plains Publications Ltd. click here to visit their website.







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